Just a short walk from the famous Piazzetta, immersed in an enchanting landscape characterised by the peaceful shade of the pine trees and the distinctive coloured houses, the Eight Hotel Portofino is the epitome of luxury in Portofino.


Eloquent combination of tradition, innovation and quality.

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Eight Hospitality

Solido, one of the first active Italian players in the real estate industry since 1991, has distinguished itself in recent years for the development of projects in various area of real estate and for the enhancement and management of its own and third-party real estate assets. In the hotel industry with the brand "Eight Hospitality" it stands as a leading player.

“Eight Hospitality” is the revolutionary brand owned by Solido that, through Eight Hotels in Cortina, Paraggi, Portofino and Venice, offers Guests authentic and unique experiences that reflect the hotels' individual character.
Timeless elegance, distinctive service style and exclusive locations are the hallmarks of its properties, which launch a new concept of experience-based luxury.


Located to the west of the Tigullio Gulf, in one of the most beautiful bays of the Italian Riviera, at the foot of the headland of the same name, Portofino is generally considered to be one of the most characteristic and picturesque coastal towns of the Liguria region. Its pretty coloured houses, the famous piazzetta, the emerald sea and spellbinding views, have all helped transform this village into one of the most famous tourist locations in the world, attracting a host of international celebrities.
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